Music is a central theme in what we do everyday. We put in the hard work everyday to make sure that we stay on the top of our game and so that we are constantly pushing ourselves to be better. If you aren’t going forward, you are going backwards, so we don’t make excuses and just keep going. Here are some behind the scenes shots of our INKED STUDIOZ.

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  1. This for King Juelz, look at the old, you now have a new Playground & sand Box to play in with your Family & Friends. this is just the beginning of what we the INC Family can get done. Enjoy Bro.

  2. Kudos to each and everyone involved in keeping the ball moving forward….Careful as you jump in your seat the momentum is picking up each and everyday….
    Oh by the way I have to get use to calling you King Juelz or K.J

  3. From Dreams inc to you. You have enter the part of the dream that become’s reality. First know you are not sleeping this is happening and you are in control of all that goes on. Know that i believe in all of you and all that yall do. The magic for me is to watch you all make fans of the world. Good trick huh. Nothing but love from Snoopy.

  4. So proud to be a part of this team. The talent, drive and focus of this team….this FAMILY is unrivaled. Excited about what we have on the calender so far for next year and for the opportunities and connections we haven’t even formed yet. We did big things in 2015….but 2016 will be Epic!!! As Mr Smith would say Salute

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