Think about it you shouldn’t have to sit back and wonder saying to yourself “…What if things were different or What if I had decided to follow my dreams and pursue my passions.

The InkBoyz realized this a while ago to never give up and the rest is history as they formed a bond and a circle within a circle. Continuing to gain popularity collectively but yet maintaining that same following and control individually. It gets crazy to think of what the Hip Hop culture might have been missing out on if they all had taken different routes. Personally I give the entire team from the CEO’s, Founders, and CO-Founders, and Inner New Circle Records for keeping the momentum going strong.

Now that Inner New Circle has got your undivided attention please remember it doesn’t matter what time you start this journey just as long as you do.Trust me there will be a certain feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction that will take place and continue to propel you forward.

However the journey will have some road blocks and detours but then again so does Life….Its totally up to you to plan an alternate route but whatever strategy you come up with execute it to the best of your ability. You must make sure that your communication skills are open and your listening skills need to be in tact along with your compromising tools.Now you’re all set to get back on the main road.

Although we certainly don’t deny the fact that King Juelz is a highly spirited and self-motivated individual that happens to be so flammable that as soon as you come in contact with him you have no choice but to ignite. it’s not any wonder that Mr. Smith and Gizz are the other accellerents that keep this big ball of fire moving. This is just a fair warning so get onboard or get thrown overboard. This concludes our two part series thanks from the crew at Inner New Circle for taking the time to comment and stop by every month to see what’s going on..

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  1. The Movement is real, This INC Family will not STOP until we put Wilmington, DE on the MAP…

  2. Great Blog Ms. Talk-A-Tee, Keep them coming.

  3. This is hott I have been following and representing from the beginning…My motto”Don’t talk about it be about it.

  4. waoh! this is awesome,don’t just want to see this with my physical eyes alone,wanna be part of it forever,what a great job.thumbs up

  5. Great Job Ms TALK A TEE!…I must tell you this Nigerians here are feeling you,they have been curious and want to be part of it,so am seeking permission from you,because am about to expose you on this so called great job…your tooooo mucccccch

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