DJ Nasty Nes has done it again “Get A Brick” has become a part of the National Inernet Radio  stay tune for the progress on this awesome hit in just a little bit…

Check out and see the stats for yourself we are trackable to the entire world. That’s right them Inkboyz are holding down their own individual seats #3  “Shawty Badd” featuring Mr. Smith and #4 “Bestie” featuring Gizz on the top 40 chart that College Students listen to daily.

These singles are available now on iTunes, TIDAL, Apple Music and and also GooglePlay.  Consider this your initiation as a supporter and active part of the movement by downloading these hits today.

Don’t feel left out if you can’t download from any of the Musical libraries feel free to order your CD’s from our website

I can remember hearing Gizz say “ain’t nobody gonna eat but me and Blakk Inc” (Get A Brick). Well I guess these Boyz are awfully hungry cuz one by one they stepping outside the box and making plenty noise might I suggest while there’s still time that you come on and get in line.



  1. Take a look at the hard work that is being put in. Mr. Smith, Gizz, & King Juelz will not stop this Movement that is getting stronger week by week. Keep your eyes open, The Movement will turn into a Movie for all to see.

  2. Great job Ms. Talk A Tee

  3. Big ups to Inner New Circle Records for getting them Inkboyz out there front and center on this hott new label and the progress they making on the Hip Hop Chart…”3 & #4 Shout Out to Nasty Nes and the team behind the scenes…..

  4. That’s what’s up! Thanks for the love.

  5. Great job Ms. TALK A TEE. THE MOVEMENT I.N.C.R. is getting strong

  6. Thanks for all you do Nasty Nes. Can’t wait to see what magic we can make in 2016.

  7. Exposing the entire inner circle to people of my home country,Nigerians loving you guys,more greese to your elbow @ M.S Talka Tee,keep the flag flying,you guys are mouthed.

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