All aboard…..Let’s get ready to recap The Hip Hop Award Show that was held in Philly “The City Of Brotherly Love” to watch Mr. Smith light up the stage while doing his thang in the Cypher. This 2015 Award show was held @TLAPhilly on December 6th, 2015

Mr. Smith a Philadelphian was not a  stranger to the stage as he blessed the mic and held the attention of everybody in the building. Smith dazzled the audience as he made them smooth moves. Actually Mr. Smith had his entire crew front and center cheering him on as he rocked the joint.

Okay let’s get personal for a minute Mr. Smith is a very proud father and takes time to be with his family every chance that he gets when he’s not performing. However due to this young man’s mild manner and friendly nature he also has a Delaware family that loves him just as much.

Looking back on yesterday as we all sometimes do…I remember when Mr. Smith first came to Delaware to check out the Studioz and work out the details to record his own music but needless to say about the third trip down to Delaware he became one of the InkBoyz and has been making major moves every since.

The next time you listen to Shawty Bad just remenber that Smith found himself landing at the number #3 spot with Nasty Ness on WWW.Rappattacklives,com The Hip Hop chart contains forty slots of which you can land. The race was on as we watched Mr. Smith climbing from forty with his Shawty. Thanks to all the College students and D.J.’s for giving this hit it’s fair share of spins everywhere.

Last but not least Mr. Smith has no problem with being a team player when needed.  Hitting the stage in New York City Smith dove right in and worked the background for “Bestie” as Gizz blew the roof off the place. Yes it’s safe to say these two are a force to be reckoned with…



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  1. Saw the video of Mr Smith’s cypher at the TLA. That performance made it clear, Shawty Bad is just the beginning. Can’t wait for the InkBoyz Mixtape……

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