Hungry. Honed. Humble.

Hungry for action and like most of my peers just wanting to be a part of something, I frequented the Brown’s boys and girls and the Walnut St. Y.M.C.A where I took up martial arts. The beginning of my martial arts training was in 1989. That’s where I learned the importance of humility, perfection, confidence, gentleness, strength, fitness, flexibility, discipline, tolerance and mind power. I am now a black belt 1st Dan/Chief instructor. I am very fortunate to be able to teach others the joy of martial arts twice a week at the community center.


I enjoy bringing my graphics and visuals to life through vehicles known as wearable art tee shirts, hats, pants, etc. it is my passion and desire to mentor the youth of the community and provide an alternative way to bring them to their full potential by gaining independence and becoming briefed on entrepreneur skills

Wilmington, Delaware
Del Castle High School
3 Time Business Owner, Mentor, and Graphic Artist