The Music Creator

Julius Baynard knew that music was going to be a key part of his life from the time he was a small child, running around banging on pots and pans while rapping to his music.

“My mom ( a poet and artist ) would get on me for breaking her paint brushes… She then took me to the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware for drum lessons”. And for as long as he can remember he was drumming on anything that wasn’t nailed down. At age 7, he started writing poetry and rap songs. The people around him called him Young MC which he liked because it sounded like a rapper. He created his first real rap song at 12. “When I first heard Bone Thugs and Harmony perform ‘Meet Me at the Crossroads’, I knew I was destined to become a rapper” says Baynard

His life took a dark turn when his father left when he was 4 years old. Baynard says he had an anger problem and didn’t want to listen to anybody. It was music that gradually helped him regain control.

When in middle school, and with the help of a number of teachers like Mr. Burgess and Mr. Giles, he mastered drums, learned to play other instruments, and was introduced to the art of engineering music electronically. Baynard played both tenor, snare and base drums in the marching band and jazz band in several Delaware schools, including Newark High School and Thomas McKean School.

At McKean a teacher introduced him to the recording side of music and Baynard was on his way to a full-fledged career as a performing rap artist and music creator. Another influential teacher, Mr. Morton, played movies of some of the great performers like The Beatles, providing Baynard and some of his friends with a more grounded music history education.

By the time he was 18, Baynard was recording with such musically inspired friends as Chris Redd, Dustin and Paul. He played drums, Dustin and Paul fought over who would play guitar and base, while Chris played tambourine. Today, at 22 he is working on mixed tapes and performing for various audiences.

Bone Thugs n Harmony
Thomas McKean High School
12 years old